how would you describe the other mother?why do you feel that way?

how would you describe the other moher?why do you feel that way?

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Coraline’s other mother is described to look like an alien might look. She’s tall and slender with long fingers and hair that floats in the air like seaweed in water or wriggling snakes. She has eyes that look like huge black buttons. When Coraline first sees her other mother she believes she has some similarities to her real mother. Just before she takes the children’s souls, her parents and the cat back to the real world, Coraline realizes that she can’t believe she ever thought this creature looked anything like her real mother. The other mother is an evil creature. She intentionally lures children into her world where she steals their hearts, souls and memories from them. As the children tell Coraline, she leaves them as empty shells.

How do you feel about the button eyes? What could this signifies in the story?